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Family Business

We have been a Family run Business for 36 years.

For 36 years we have been in business, and diversified into many ventures. Our latest being the scrap metal recycling business which has given us a renewed passion for the environment and a complete appreciation of the wastage that has evolved from consumerism. This has revealed a huge potential in the possibilities of the recycling industry.

Clifford's Metal Recycling is a scrap metal recycler that employs staff to help run an efficient business and value add to the product where economically possible. We are honest, hardworking and reliable, and we pride ourselves in our grassroots and minimalistic philosophy.

the team 1a
cliff truckx1500

Ready for the Big jobs

For the heavy items! 

Clear the decks and keep your work area clean. For scrap metal found in old obsolete air-cons... or metal equipment. We have a crane that can do the job!

Yes even large old air-cons can be scraped for the metal scrap content within!...

Removing old large metal equipment just takes a bit of imagination and the right plant machinery. Hiring a larger crane to remove and lift this old air-conditioner made this job possible.....

the scrap metal recyclers daily jobs

For the smaller metal recycling jobs and the regular pickups, we have 2 smaller trucks. For the bigger scrap metal recycling jobs, we have a 14 tonne with crane.

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hard working and reliable
friendly staff
prompt service
2.5 Tonne Dyna Pantec

Carrying capacity 4 Tonne
Used for picking up scrap metal recycling from mechanics on the Gold Coast and Murwillumbah. This truck is ideal for getting down the tight alleyways and small turn around areas.

cliffs truck1a
3.5 Tonne Mitubishi Canter + Crane

Carrying capacity 6 Tonne
Used for bigger items of scrap metal that need a crane and confined spaces are not a problem.

cliff truck2
14 Tonne Mitsubishi Fuzo Fighter + 3.5 Tonne Crane

Carrying capacity 8 Tonne
1. Used for haulage of larger scrap metal and assisting where needed to remove decommissioned air-conditioners from tall buildings.
2. Delivering improved scrap metal from the yard to the metal recycling scrap merchant.

three trucks1
crane at work
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the team 2a
cliff truck with extended crane
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cleanup at showgrounds2
cleanup at showgrounds